Three Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home

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A humid home environment can cause a lot of problems besides discomfort for yourself and those you live with. A humid climate can make it hard for us to release heat energy which makes us sweat more. Also, a humid environment can cause an increase in microbes and germs spreading. Rising humidity levels in your home can come from several different sources. Everyday activities such as cooking, showering, doing laundry, and washing dishes all contribute to the moisture in the air.

Poorly insulated walls, windows, and doors create cool surfaces in the winter. Water can easily form on these surfaces and leak inside them, causing damage to their structural integrity.

There are a few key ways you can lower the humidity in your home:

One good way to reduce the humidity in your home is by getting rid of any indoor plants that use soil or covering up the soil with stones or rocks. The moisture from the soil is released into the air of your home, which is why it increases the humidity.

Another efficient and easy way to dehumidify your home is by taking shorter showers and having ventilation fans running while you shower. This will cut down on the moisture that is in your home, lowering the overall humidity.

Lastly, a great and natural way to dehumidify your home is by upgrading to solar air energy. This will eliminate humidity by taking in the air from outside, filtering it, and then pumping it into your home, creating a constant stream of fresh and cool air. We encourage you to reach out to your local Trane Dealer for a quote and to discuss your individual needs in detail.

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